Latec Instruments Inc. began in 1994 and continues to be a high-quality niche designer and manufacturer of laser and machine control systems in the Agriculture, Construction, Surveying and Recreation industries.  Latec distributes its products worldwide.

Latec manufactures and distributes both Futtura and Level-Ice brand products.  In addition to the two brands, Latec private labels numerous lines for many of its customers worldwide. 

As a specialty niche manufacturer, Latec also seeks out customers that have a unique need whereby laser and/or a machine control may solve a problem or provide a solution. The Latec team is dedicated to serving their customers and providing the best possible solutions.

Marketing Segments

Machine Control

For the Construction Industry, Latec offers a large variety of laser-based Machine Control Solutions

Construction Lasers

From Automatic Rotating Laser to Single Slope Lasers, Latec carries a wide range of lasers for any contractor’s needs.


Latec’s Agricultural Solutions address all seasons, crops, terrains and vehicles.


We manufacture the most versatile, efficient and rugged Slope Indicate & Control System for the Drainage Industry.


We design and manufacture highly reliable electronics and software solutions.

Parks & Recreations

Our Level-Ice Solution automatically controls the cutting blade of the conditioner to achieve an accurate, level ice surface.

Brands We Manufacture